Graphic Designer
Nunca Vi Uma Alma

Nunca Vi Uma Alma (I’ve Never Seen a Soul), is a printed piece featuring a collection of oneiric composition making use of the most famous and bizarre images of Portugal’s history of the last 50 years. Mixing pop television, political media stunts, local folk imagery, football, medical achievements and other iconic graphics from the collective memory, the print functions as a portico to the countries hellish collective soul.

The full name Vi Muitos Cadáveres Mas Nunca Vi Uma Alma, meaning I’ve Seen Many Corpses But I’ve Never Seen a Soul is a quote from a famous Portuguese medical coroner and here it is used referring to the search of the so elusive and questionable “Portuguese soul”. Presented at Feira da Alegria in Oporto 2019. I.c.w. Gonçalo Duarte.

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